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Add 8bio link to your social profiles to share more resources 

There is no need to change the link.

Get more followers

Even if you utilize a social networking platform that only enables you to post one link, you may still interact with people on your preferred networks. Allow them to discover you.

Promote your content

Make music, movies, or podcasts available on numerous streaming platforms if you advertise them. Create a one-link page to ensure that everyone can locate your product.

Share more resources

Add additional links: to blog posts, YouTube videos, playlists, or whatever else you wish to share.

Attract new customers

You can promote your merch or simply list your items for sale.

More 8bio features

Promote your goods

8bio provides a convenient way to show your products and add links to your existing shop.

Activity insights

Meet multiple tools to view your growth. See new views and their sources. Analyze your links.

Nice templates

You may modify your page by using one of the many pre-made layouts available. Add a variety of connections.

Links Scheduling

Get your links active only at a specific time.

Custom Backgrounds

Use images, gifs, and videos on your 8bio pages. Various background sources will be made available in the near future.

Import links

Add links from your other pages, your sites, and blogs. 8bio automatically recognizes your data.

Collect emails

Your followers are welcome to leave their email addresses. You may inform them of fresh information or items.


Allow your fans to submit feedback on your 8bio page.

Share everything you want with a single link.

What is LinkTree Alternative?

The clickable URL you can add to a section of your profile is referred to as a LinkTree Alternative. Many social networking networks, such as Instagram and TikTok, allow you to add a link to your profile so that your followers can visit your website, product page, or other key pages.
Simply visit the profile homepage to check the bio and the link to click if you're curious about what this signifies or where it's situated on Instagram.

In Instagram videos, you'll hear the phrase "link to bio," and it's frequently used in image captions. A web design studio, for example, might write, "Our new free website theme has arrived!" To get the theme, go to the link below. The link will take you to a place where you can download the file. When you wish to highlight several posts, goods, or pages on Instagram, the feature can seem limited. To aid your Instagram, try out the 8bio tool. 8bio creates a personalized landing page with all of the important links you want to share.

LinkTree Alternative tools

Because you only have one link in your Instagram bio, marketers and producers have an issue. If you wanted to change something about a campaign, you had to switch URLs every time you launched a new one. You are no longer required to do so. This link may be used for a variety of other things.
Link optimization features in bios are a wonderful method to get the most out of that one link. These resources will aid in the development of your Instagram marketing plan. These tools can assist you in tracking clicks, increasing traffic, and boosting revenues. With the link in bio feature, you may promote several URLs. Choose the finest link-in-bio tool to get the most out of your Instagram bio.

Multiple links in posts in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

You may add a link to your website's homepage on Facebook and Twitter. Clickable links, on the other hand, can be shared to particular sites, items, and content on your blog. Instagram, on the other hand, is a different story.
The single link at the top of an Instagram account profile is now the beating heart of Instagram's commercial side. This is the most effective method for users to reroute their followers away from Instagram and onto another website.

Link.Tree Alternative - FAQ

  • How can I add a link to my Instagram profile?
    Go to your profile, choose Edit Profile, enter your URL in the Website section, and then select Done.
  • What does the term linktree mean?
    It is an abbreviation for "link in biography," which refers to the region immediately below an Instagram profile photograph and immediately above any posts/feed.
  • How can I include a link in my TikTok profile?
    Switch to a TikTok Business account in your account settings by selecting "Manage Account" and "Switch to Business Account," then choose "Edit profile" and input a website URL in the website box.
  • How to create multi link tree?
    8bio is a tool for adding extra links to your Instagram bio. You may instantly add an infinite number of links to a single Instagram account with 8bio.
  • What does link in bio mean on TikTok?
    "Link in brief biographical biography of someone," which refers to the field directly below a TikTok profile photograph and immediately above any videos/feed.
  • How to make a link tre?
    You may use 8bio to create a link tree replacement for your Instagram or TikTok account. 
  • How to put a clickable link in Instagram bio?
    Open your Instagram profile, go to Edit Profile, enter your URL into the Website area, and then hit Done.
  • How to insert link in Twitter bio?
    Select "Edit Profile" from your Twitter profile, then enter a URL into the website area. You may also include a linktr in your Twitter bio.

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